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Everyone at one point or another need someone to talk to. We all struggle at times, but we don't have to go through it alone. Sometimes, we lose our focus on our journey and need assistance to refocus and get back on track. As a clinician and a life coach, I value looking at a client as a whole person. I value utilizing your strengths, balancing different systems to discover the pathway to successful treatment. I am committed to dismantling the negative stigma of receiving therapy and/or coaching services in the African American communities.

My experience has taught me that life can feel much easier when you have someone who knows you, understands and sees things from your perspective. Together, we will explore thoughts and feelings that are most important to you, and come to understand, appreciate, and challenge them so that you're able to obtain what it is you want for yourself.

My background includes providing support, counseling, and coaching to a variety of clients of diverse personalities, cultures, ethnicity, and socioeconomic backgrounds. I believe my work with individuals of diverse backgrounds in empowerment and strength-based has made me a versatile clinician.


Session Fee: $80 per session

Couples Session Fee: $125 per session

Pay By: Simple Practice, Paypal, Venmo

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