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Dismantling Racism

Breaking it Down & Breaking it Apart

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Dismantling Racism: Breaking it Down & Breaking it Apart

Signature Workshop


This workshop on Understanding Racism and Strengthening Community through Allies is a series of programs and activities designed to enhance awareness of the phenomenon of racism and the methods and techniques to dismantle it. The Workshop also provides an introductory level of knowledge, emphasizes values and offers skills to strengthen workplace allies.


Racism is a global phenomenon that occurs world-wide. Participants should be able to understand this phenomenon as it occurs in the United States, and be able to extrapolate how it may differ from society to society, but at its core remain the same.

Participants will be expected to:

1. Identify the impact of racism on the individual, cultural and institutional level.

2. Develop a strategy to undo racism in your professional practice.

3. Gain knowledge and the theory of its current manifestations.

4. Be able to articulate the understanding of racism from a political, economic, social and psychological perspective.

5. Acquire a more accurate and comprehensive knowledge of racism. 6. Propose ideas to dismantle racism. 7. Promote and share skills of being an ally

Colorful Abstract

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Lets do it together

Aside from our signature program on racism, we also facilitate discussions and programs that promote the principles of equity, inclusion, access and social justice. Some of those services include the following:

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

o Workshops 

o Organizational Climate Surveys and  Assessments 

o Organizational Audits 

o Program Coordination and Facilitation

o Teaching 

As you explore diversity in your environment, we help to educate others that diversity goes beyond race. It must also include a collaboration with equity and inclusion as well. In our organizations, it is important that we are constantly creating a welcoming environment where all voices are heard and able to make meaningful contributions. Our differences are assets to be celebrated in order to make the spaces we occupy a better place.

We look forward to hearing from you to see how we can help.

Dismantling Racism: Projects
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