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Higher Education Consulting

With over 25 years of experience in higher education/Student Affairs working in both the private and public sector, Shawn Newton has gained experience and talents to meet your needs. Whether it is serving in an interim Student Affairs administrator capacity, providing professional coaching or conducting a departmental review, Newton Consultancy Group (NCG) has you covered and can support your needs.  Look below to learn more.

Executives at Work

Interim Student Affairs Administrator

There are times when colleges and universities would benefit from an interim role; whether it's due to immediate staffing changes, retirement, or simply an extended period of time during a search process, having a gap in leadership can be detrimental to a department, division or university as a whole.  Shawn Newton is known in the field for his interpersonal skills, ability to lead and his unique breadth of knowledge and awareness regarding diversity, equity and inclusion. He understands the important nature of adapting quickly to any situation in order to help you maintain stability within your organization. Shawn’s level of professional tenacity comes from serving in a number of administrative leadership roles during his career including director, assistant dean and associate dean.

During the inquiry process, Shawn works with institutions to comprehend your professional needs including the specific role that needs to be temporarily filled, expectations of the interim position related to scope of responsibilities and duration of time. Additionally, Shawn can be available to assist in your search process serving in either a formal or informal capacity. Contact NCG to learn more.


Student Affairs Department Review

Department reviews are important and often require an outside perspective. Similar to how you may go to the doctor for a physical check-up, Student Affairs departments often need that regular head to toe review in order to learn more about what’s working and what’s not.  And, at the end of the visit, your provider advises you on what you can do to address it.   

These reviews will be conducted by our senior Higher Education Student Affairs consultant Shawn Newton who brings a wealth of experience in providing leadership to a diversity of areas that he’s provided leadership during his career.  Shawn has led review efforts that help units meet professional standards, strategic goals and the alignment of resources and more.  These confidential external reviews are typically made available to the Chief Student Affairs officer as a way to maintain professional standards for their division at the university.  They are also beneficial for the unit Director/Coordinator who provides direct leadership to their respective area.  Shawn takes a holistic approach, involving students, faculty and staff alike.  Additionally, typical reviews will also involve an assessment of artifacts related to the review. He looks to make sure that departments are aligned with division and university strategic goals and makes recommendations at the end of the process.

Work Interview

Professional Coaching

Looking for your next career move? Struggling to navigate the landscape of your department or institution? Need to talk through a situation with someone who can maintain a strict level of confidence.  Consider contacting NCG where nothing is off the table.

It can be difficult to find a trusted person to talk with about a matter at work. You may also need someone that is not associated with your institution so you can have an outside perspective. Take a look at other areas where we could support you and your professional growth:

-Resume review

-Interviewing strategies

-Student Affairs career coaching

-Conflict management

-Professional mediation

-Leadership & management skills

-Professional advisor/mentor/networking

-Responding to crisis

-Strategic transition

-Workplace bullying or harassment

-Salary/Compensation negotiations

-Involvement with Professional Associations

…and many more

At NCG, we look at professional coaching as an asset to anyone’s career.  No one is able to do it alone and oftentimes trying to navigate higher ed politics can be challenging.  That’s why it is our goal to support your individual needs so you can take control of your own destiny and be your best self. We offer one time advice, or we can establish a long-term relationship.  The choice is yours.  Thank you for considering us.  We know that you have many choices, and we take our partnership with you very seriously. 

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