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Crying in Therapy: Release Hour

At times, when starting with a new client I find myself witnessing the moment of release.

The release takes place when my client has found a "safe space of no judgment" to allow themselves to inconsolably cry for several moments. Allowing themselves to feel what needs to be felt to begin their healing journey. For some, crying can provide a reset or preparation for hurdles to come.

Initially, this space can be uncomfortable for clients. As the therapist, my role is to provide a safe space and guide them to a place of comfort, and allow their tears to rise to the surface. As a therapist, I have learned to sit in silence during the release and I provide a listening ear to whatever emerges. What I continue to learn, is that silence can also provide others to just "be" for several moments. When life is moving a mile a minute - sitting in safe silence can also be healing. It has become one of my saving graces as a therapist, as I attempt to hold others up - in their darkest hour.

The release hour has become valuable, in therapeutic gains. This is the hour that light seeps into the session and the darkness starts to move out. We use that release to identify goals, and the next steps and find gratitude for allowing ones self to be authentic with their feelings. Crying can provide a breakthrough of thankfulness. This thankfulness can look like - the ability to leave behind the bad and move towards the good. The thankfulness of completing a difficult task, the ability to leave employment, or the joy of beginning a new chapter or simply allowing the pieces that broke your heart to open your eyes to beautiful things.

Some see crying as an act that is only done in sadness. However, our bodies can be overcome with the need to cry at many stages in our lives and it is okay to sit in those moments, and allow the tears to flow and the healing to begin.

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